Some are over 100 years old -
I've been involved with photography for over 50 years starting with my Box Brownie triggered by my father's interest  with his Red Safe Light in his Bathroom, then, later he became a Projectionist, working with carbon arcs & C&W Heads. Later in my mid 20's, I did an Airforce Photographic Course (in the RAAF) back in the days of 5x4" Linhoffs & Double Darks & Dip & Dunk processing, and finally I progressed to  6x6cm Hasselblad & roll film, shooting anything that moved plus then working in a Professional Colour Darkroom making custom enlargements in trays - Never boring!
Then about 10 years ago I inherited from my mother, a collection of Post Card images from the "Poldark" era within Cornwall,  some were dated 1905 & a then my Father In-Law gave me his collection of  B&W images of  the 1920's,  of old European Castles and Abbeys along the Danube River, including places of Note  & Historical value in Europe, which I found very engrossing and so I decided to put them (more to add) on display here on my web-site. I've also added some personal colour shots of  my own from around Australia.
So if any of you are interested in downloading an image go ahead, NO CHARGE - FREE. All I ask for, is a donation to allow me to expand my collections.  I'd would rather clients get any prints produced by a local Print Shop, to save on the costs of printing and postage, Plus it would help that small business gain additional income during these hard times of  the effects of the Covig-19 virus, and the high un-employment.  ENJOY!         
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